Cleaning & Disposable Solutions

Chalexandrou LTD established in 2001 with main activity
in professional cleaning and hygiene products,
consumables supplying the market and giving everyday solutions to our customer.

Outstanding Solutions

Chalexandrou LTD specialises in many types of janitorial supplies,
cleaning products, floor cleaners and other types of safety and hygiene products.

Focus on Excellent

Chalexandrou LTD offers a wide range of quality products with a focus on excellent
and prompt service to its customers with innovative solutions to save time and cost.

Our Products

Wrapmaster & Caterwrap Προϊόντα Καθαρισμού & Υγιεινής Washroom & Hygiene Control Χαρτικά Πλαστικές σακούλες Εργαλεία Καθαρισμού Αναλώσιμα μιας χρήσεις Daymark Label Systems Στεγνωτήρες χεριών Συσκευές Καροτσάκια Waste Μanagement Containers